2 days sober here

I blacked out this Saturday and did something to my boyfriend that hurt him really bad. He packed everything up and left. I told him I would stop drinking so I wouldn’t black out and act that way anymore. It seems the only way he’s considering being with me again is if I stop. I’ve already lost a lot in my life because of drinking so I really want to stop and get control of it for myself too. I’m sitting here all alone right now and I have two 16 oz beers it’s really hard for me not to drink them especially in this time of sadness. I’m doing my best to stay happy and distracted but it’s hard especially being all alone. Any advice or someone I can talk to going through something similar ?

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Start thinking about AA. I thought it was horseshit when i started but it’s helped me a lot. Listen to speaker meetings on YouTube or read excerpts online, there are a few apps around it too. It works if you work it

I love that phrase. I will check out the ones on YouTube . Thank you for the suggestion.

I lost the guy I was supposed to marry because of a drinking episode. Didn’t get a second chance. Do it for you, though.

I’m going to suggest that you will have to want this yourself. Doing this to keep a BF will cause a resentment in my opinion. Do you think you have a problem with alcohol? Was it just a bad night or do you think it’s a pattern that needs changed? Yes I’m trying to steer you in a direction. But I never read anything from inside you that wants this? If you don’t feel you have a problem how can you fix a non existent issue? Just my personal experience here I had to quit lying to myself. Best wishes And throw your alcohol out it won’t turn into a trophy after (xx) many days

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