2 hours sober

I’ve reset my counter twice this week and I feel really serious about it this time. I want to be done with alcohol so badly. I’m hurting my relationship with my family by drinking so much all the time. This last time was after I lost my baby but I know alcohol won’t make the pain go away. Any tips besides AA meetings would be helpful. Thanks!


A warm welcome to you @Carrume16 Melissa. I’m very sorry about your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what this is like. You are so right. Alcohol doesn’t help you in your grief. Maybe it numbs the pain for a second bit will hit you even more once you are sober again. Stay here and read and ask a lot. There are very wise people around here with some long term sobriety who offer immense help! What really really helped me to stay sober in the beginning was the 30 day experiment from Annie Grace. You can Google it. It’s for free. Maybe it is something for you. Just don’t stay alone and log on often here. There is always someone to talk to. I’ve found my second family on here. I hope to see you around :hugs:


Thank you so much for your comment. I am really hoping that this becomes my second family as well. I will look into that for sure.


Go to your local drug and alcohol support service they do smart recovery programs it’s about of CBT plus copeing skills . sorry for your loss.remember to stay connected try to sign in every day.xx

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Put the emphasis on creating new habits rather than focusing solely on avoiding old ones.


Hugs to you. Sounds like you’re human…reaching to numb out the pain. The loss of a baby needs healing…not more poison. I’ve been to both places you are in right now. You never forget the baby, just how you handled it.

The first sip, drink tea. Imagine it healing your heart and warming you. Trick your brain into loving a ritual with something else. Trick your brain into loving just you…until you realize you do love yourself, you are enough…and you somehow have the strength…moment by moment to kick booze. Far and fast away. You will glow. But first, heal.
More hugs. Peace to.you tonight


I absolutely love everything you posted.
What a heartfelt reply.
I am going to use the first sip of tea as healing. What a simple but wonderful thought.

@Carrume16 I am so sorry for your loss.
I cannot begin to understand the loss you are feeling.
Please keeping coming here. There are many here who have similar stories.