2 month 23 day itch

Hi there im 2 months n 23 days sober now i am starting to struggle with intrusive thoughts about drinking and romanticism of it. When i know its stinky drinkinky and im so so much better off without it in my life. I mean it was so bad for me the day after that i truely thought if i didnt stop drinking i would die to it. Thats how ill it made me the day after.

Yet here i am this far in (ive done 9 months before) and its creeping in again. How do i stop this i go to meetings i have my tools i talk about it to my wife its so bloody annoying.


I know for me I finally got complete relief when I got a sponsor and started the practicing the 12 steps. Meetings were great and I went daily, but the steps are the program that saved me


You know, milestones do that to you. Maybe it’s a little part of you not wanting to get past 90 days, trying to sabotage your progress or something like that. Just tell yourself, “self, this is happening, we’re gonna stay sober, and there ain’t nothin’ you, or anyone, can do about it!”. Go on, say it!!!


Hi Lizzie,

I’m just about at the same point in time you are. 85 days.
Fortunately I am not romanticizing anything about alcohol. I clearly remember the laziness, lack of motivation, the half ass attempts at work, the zero ability to get to gym or out for a hike. I remember having to plan everything around drinking and only committing to stuff once or twice a week as any more got in the way of drinks or hangovers. I also remember how awfully bad I felt on that last bender and how I struggled for almost a week to rebound…. No thanks.

For me, I ensure I have plans for the next day of which I will not allow myself to miss. Mostly lately it has been sons hockey an hour away and mostly my commitments to gym, nutrition and health. In order to fulfill those commitments means I typically am in bed by 8pm, do some YouTube for a set time, some reading then lights out before 10pm… this schedule keeps me focused and doesn’t give time to allow false thoughts into my head of the lie of alcohol…

It works for me, perhaps for others, perhaps not…but a routine and being committed to it helps me immensely.

Hoping you can get through and find that focus that means more to you than the BS of alcohol.

Best of luck

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Thats a helpful reply thanks for that there is many reminders for me there that u put that will help. I do make plans and i have a wondeful rewarding job that also helps. I do play the tape and remind myself of it all and tonight for the first time i wrote down some stuff in a journal my wife got me. Im doing alot differently than i have before on my other attempts and ill stay focused cos i want to. Thanks again

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Also thanks to everyone that replied your comments and appreciated :clap:

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Im pulling for you and look forward to hitting many milestones on this journey together my friend.

I wish you nothing but positivity and a sober healthy happy road ahead.


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Hi everyone i just wanted to let u all know im still sober i havent cracked and im determined not to. Thanks for the lovely answers on this thread, its so nice to have that support. I mean my wife is a wonderful support but sometimes thats not enough…im off to my doc in a couple of weeks to see if more trauma help will help and look at mayb testing to see if i also have ADHD as well as CPTSD it be almost the alphabet lol. Anyway keep on keeping on and thanks again heres to 2 months n 27 days x