2 Steps Forward...10 back

Hitting the reset button today. Last night was a massive step back.
Drank more than I needed to. And just. Kept. Eating. Like cupboards bare eats, pretty much.

I managed almost two weeks of balanced intuitive eating as well.

But I think…KNOW I can do better. I need to do better.


I know I post this a lot but it’s truth is valid. Just keep trying :heart: I’ve found that some of the lessons I’ve learned in my failures have been very valuable. The keys is learning those lessons and applying what you learned in you next endeavor. You CAN do this!

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Thank you @TigerMatriarch . Don’t worry. I will NOT stop.
This slip has given me a lot of clarity that I needed. I can see my extremes now.

Hope you are well yourself.

Thank you again.


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Relapse I think is part of the way of success. Do not give up. Try to start again and use as motivators all the good moments you have gained during sobriety.

Do not worry and trust in yourself!

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Thank you @EFountains

Thats my plan ! Feeling ok about resetting


I feel your energy brother! It’s radiant, keep at it. 100

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@asapmas I hear you too, Hermano. 100 all the way.