2 weeks today!!

I still feel triggered lately but I’m trying to push through until that feeling is gone! It’s 2 weeks today. Taking every moment one by one is helping and staying busy. I worked from home today, ordered groceries, cleaned the house a bit. What did you all do today and how is it going?


I woke up, drank coffee, went to work, came home to clean a bit and watch TV and will be going to bed sober. Pretty lame and pretty happy about it. Two weeks is great! Keep doing that.

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That is awesome!! I am very excited for you. It’ll be one week for me tomorrow, and I also did some work from home too break some of the habits I had formed around drinking.
I’m proud of you. Keep it up and I hope to always be a week behind you.


Great job, you’re doing all the right things, just keep doing them :sparkling_heart:


Congrats on one week! We got this!

Thank you! :hibiscus::hibiscus:


Great job!

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