20 days and counting

I made it through vacation, party, my son relapsing, my dad rushed to the hospital only to discover more cancer, my mother’s manic episode and my job becoming much bigger with a ton more work and responsibility. 20 days. I know I should wait until tomorrow to celebrate because it will be 3 weeks but for some reason that 20 day dashboard picture makes me feel so good.
One day at a time adds up!


You don’t have to wait for anything! You’re sober today and that’s awesome. The fact that you were sober for the 19 days before today makes it even better.

Stay strong! You’re going through a lot right now, but you’ll be better equipped to handle it with a clear mind and open heart. Great job!

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Wow, you are doing it!! Fantastic job. You should be rightly proud.

One day at a time definitely adds up! Way to go!!