2018..progress is all i can ask for

So here to reflect on the year…been sober for about 5 months now and it has been hard but amazing experience. Last night I went out until 3am around events and parties with alcohol. In the past i would never think i could do all of that without a couple drinks but i wake up today energized and ready for the new year.
This year has come with a lot of drunken regret and changes,lessons. I feel like i have matured in many ways and now im dealing with my issues head on in the right way. I am gained a lot of positives and i am proud of that. I feel i have come off as a little cocky lately because i brag about how awesome my life is now with sobriety, new job and life-changing therapy sessions. I feel the people around me get annoyed at times but maybe thats just me being insecure when i drank all the time.
Anyways i am excited for the new year ahead. Thinking of joining in on this recovery group but in a small town i am afraid to run into people i might know but i grow stronger daily and progress is all i can ask for. Thanks to all the support this year on this app… I appreciate it.


Believe me, running into people you know at an AA meetings is nothing with to be concerned. Everyone respects each others anonymity and desire to get/stay sober. People you know will be happy to share the fellowship with you.

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You deserve to be happy, getting almost half way through a full year is no mean feat, well done. Stay humble x