2023 St. Patrick’s Day?

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day! Just in case you think you’re missing some thing I have something for your reading pleasure.

No booze but making corned beef, cabbage and potatoes!! The funny thing is that I thought it was totally Irish to do this until we had a conversation HERE on TS about two years ago… they DON’T do that in Ireland :rofl: It goes back to the Irish immigrants to America that did it lol!! I’m so going to throw it in the crockpot tonight for a great corned beef on St. Pattys Day anyway cause it’s YOM! :shamrock:


We don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Austria very much, there might be some parades and of course most of the Irish pubs are decorated. Just another hanger for drinking, partying and tourism.
As I like the green colour I will do something green today: Mow the lawn for the first time :blush:


I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day all my adult life with alcohol. It still seems odd to think of this day without it. Thanks to my sponsor and my work on The 12 Steps, I have no cravings, I have no desire, and I will continue work on my sober life.
This year I’ll just wear green and be satisfied.


I’ve been in Chicago during this and it is wildly out of control.


Absolutely… I would pre-drink, drink with the normies, then leave and post drink…

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March 17 is also the feast day of Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats and the people who love them. I’ll taker her over Patrick any day, but especially today :heart_eyes_cat:


Hahaha I gotta spend today sober. I’m usually the cool guy at the bar who’s “never blacking out” or “never seems to be drunk” … I wondered why ? Lol.

23 days sober today , gotta ride out the wave and just enjoy some good 'ol soda if I get tempted. :rofl:

On days like today , thank goodness I spend so much time alone. Everyone is know is probably going out to celebrate by drinking today, like they don’t all drink everyday pretty much lol.


@Drew95 Congrats on your sobriety. I attended my home group meeting at 5:30 and 30 other people decided to do the same thing. It was a really good meeting because at least half of us got a chance to share on what keeps us sober.

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I had a donut at my meeting today. :slight_smile: @GenG


@Delaine54 thank you !!! Cheers to a sober st Patty’s Day. I made it another day! ODAAT . ✓

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