21 days tonight from no alcohol!

I took my last drink on my 34th birthday…that was August 14th at 10pm. So far I am doing pretty good. I crave it for a bit, but remind myself there is nothing good that comes from alcohol. Like not 1 good thing.

Last night I took my last hit of weed (I have been using medical marijuana for arm pain( but realized that was also a crutch to my sobriety. Thus far my arms are OK pain wise and hoping I can deal with it. I just want to be 100% clean - medicinal or not. I want to be clean of everything. So here is to hoping the pain doesn’t push me to go back to smoking it.


Good for you. Proud of you!

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Awesome job!! I cant wait to get there!

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You will get there!!

Great job!

I love when you say there is not one good thing that comes from alcohol. It’s so true. I constantly tell that to myself when I’m struggling. I can be sober or I can be destructive. There is no in between.

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Hi there! I think we have a lot in common lol. That’s literally been how I got sober, there was literally not one good (true) reason I could find to drink. And, one day at a time I’ve made it 178 days so far without alcohol!

Tomorrow is my last day smoking marijuana. I also use it as I “think” it helps my medical issues, but I won’t know the truth of if its helping or hindering me until it’s gone. So, at my 6 month mark I’ve decided it’s time to move forward! It comes at a time when I will truly hear the message so I’m ready.

:facepunch: We can do this!


Hello everyone! I am new to all of this but today I am 50 days sober!!!


I’m on day 45 no drinking. Made it almost 40 without weed. Slipped up when I was feeling so good after 40 days. Not worried about drinking though. Love that sober or being destructive comment. No in between. Just like you when you say there is nothing good that will come from it. Stay strong.

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Congrats on 6 months!!! I so need to be strong about the weed…it truly helps my arm pain so much.

I’m honestly having to learn how to do things sober again. Never thought I would have to do that.

I take turmeric for pain. Lots of us here use it. Helps with muscle, joint, and headache pain. You can get it in capsule form in the vitamin isle of the supermarket, or your local GNC or vitamin shoppe.

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I have ulnar nerve and tennis elbow - I wonder if the turmeric would help. Thanks for sharing! I was on Gabapentin and that didn’t even out a small dent in the pain.

I’m 52 and train in Krav Maga. I deal with use and abuse injuries, and between turmeric and ice, I’m able to stay in the fight. Tonight I got put into an arm bar, and I feel it. Turmeric and Ice and I’ll be right as rain.

Thank you so much! I imagine you can find at any Store like Target/Walgreens. This arm pain sucks so much - I hurt daily. Tasks such as typing are super painful.