22 days sober and going strong

Today I’m 22 days sober it’s the longest I’ve been sober after a 6 month but in jail. Past couple weeks have been hard thou I just went through a recent break up with my fiancé after being together 4 years. Today I actually got a sense of relief after a good talk with her at the aa Christmas party tonight. I understand why she left I was completely lost in a relapse treating her like shit stealing from her and Not being honest with her. I’m surprised she stayed that long. She was playing it off as she hated me which sent my cravings off the charts. But I realize we both want the same thing now. We do love each other that will never go away. I have to get more sobriety to have a strong foundation so I don’t relapse when she comes back. She needs to work on not being co dependent and learning to love herself. We both want a healthy relationship in the end. I’ve accepted the fact that she’s not coming back anytime soon so I can stop worrying about that. But there is hope for a stronger brighter future one sober day at a time. I’m working on myself now to be stronger and be able to not relapse again and be there for her when I couldn’t when I was high. I am doing this for myself so I can be a better man. I can’t predict the future but there is hope there. Just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s support In the forums.


Oh yeah I’m going to 5 meetings A week she’s at 2 of them. I have a sponsor I’m on my 4 step now. I also started doing a lot of counselling for my anger issues and mental health


Congratulations on 22 days . That’s great u r working a programme of recovery. I’m a big believer in the 12 steps programme. X


Yeah step one was really hard for me it took me 5 months of going in and out of meetings and my recent break up for me to actually accept I’m powerless over drugs and want to do something about it


Sounds to me like you are very serious about making the changes to take your life back and start living again… :100: Good job on your 22 days sober!!! :blush::tada:

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