23 Days and Home Alone

I don’t really have a point to this post but something was crossing my mind so I thought I’d share. My wife is gone for a few hours tonight and I’m alone in the house for the first time since I stopped drinking 23 days ago. In the past, I would have used this time to drink as much as I could before she got home. I would have stopped at the liquor store on my way home from work and hidden the alcohol in my car until she left and then spent what could have been quality alone time getting drunk and for what? I used to think I was living life to the fullest but deep down I was miserable. I felt so guilty but would try to convince myself that I was having fun or being “normal”. But how normal is it to hide alcohol? This time, 23 days in, I’m bundled up on the couch, drinking a blood orange seltzer water, and watching reruns of Catfish on Hulu. I can’t imagine going back to how things used to be. I’m much happier on this side of the fence :v:t5: thank you all, this forum keeps me going!


I remember the first time i was left home alone. It was a bit strange but i knew i couldn’t drink. Just for my well being but also to help with gaining trust of my wife again. Thats a slow process for me but every sober day is progress. Best to you kpear826

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I hear you. I’m so tired of seeing the disappointment on her face when she walks in and I’m trashed and on top of that I lie and try to convince her I’ve only had one or two beers :roll_eyes: I was such a mess. I don’t want to put her through that again. And more importantly, I don’t want to put myself through it either.


23 days ago, you decided to be better, and now you are better than you were, 23 days ago. Just keep getting better at getting better. Better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow better still.


I remember the “When will you be home?” Question i would always ask my significant other. While they were out, I would drink as much as possible and most likely pass out before they got home so i wouldnt have to answer the question of WHY?

So glad that I do not have to live in those problems anymore. Instead im living in the solution. One day at a time.


It’s a big moment when you’ve stopped drinking & you’re home alone for the first time. I made a sandwich & watched tv too… and btw I love Catfish it’s my 2nd fav mtv show behind Rob & Big reruns, lol

You did the right thing not drinking & checking in here to share. I hope tonight shows you that no matter where you are, no matter who’s with you or who isn’t with you… you’re not a drinker anymore. And that’s ok. And in time it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you. Guaranteed :hugs:


RIP Big Black. Rob and Big is a classic.


My love for Meaty turned into reality after purchasing these two :joy:


Well done.
I remember well the first time I was left home alone. I spent all night itching to get to the shop. I’d even asked my youngest not to organise anything that night so she would be home with me.
I was exactly like you. Saw the me time as a chance to get drunk and do the things around the house that I wanted to do. Usually it just ended up with me getting drunk, sticking a film on and passing out!:joy:
I’m enjoying these times :100: more these days not having to worry anymore.


Rob and Big was an amazing show! I loved them so much lol

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