24 hours down!

I made it 24 hours without even wanting to pill seek with the help of suboxone and Kratom, I’m going to switch to just Krstom as soon as I can get my hands on a bulk amount UT right now I’m so broke from my addiction I can’t even afford has, sad but true but I’m learning from it as well as learning from all my relapses, hope very one else is doing good. I’m going to blow up this message board to keep myself in check, hope you guys don’t mind lol


Alright @KeepGoing. You got this! Let’s go for another 24 hours. Woo hoo!

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Good job!! I hit 24 hours last night too!! Keep it up!


Timer says 36 hours now!!! Here’s to another 24! Thanks for the support everyone! :slight_smile: