25 Days Today. It's a rough one

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I’ve made it 25 days today without alcohol and it’s a rough one. Today is Father’s Day and also the anniversary of the last time I spoke with my dad who passed just before Christmas last year. I started drinking really heavy at that time and didn’t stop until I ended up in the hospital after attempting suicide last month. I really badly just want a drink. I miss the numbness. I don’t want to feel these feelings.


Im sorry to hear about your father, i am thinking of you during this difficult time.
My best advice right now is get to a meeting, this is an online zoom meeting thats 24,hrs


Join, you can have your audio off and camera off and just listen to others. No one wll know your there.
This really may help you get through right now.


Very sorry to hear about your dad. Have you considered writing a letter to him? I’ve done this in the past. Something about getting all those feelings down on paper and then burning it was very cathartic for me.


Speak to someone about it, never stay “HALT” - hungry,angry,lonley,tired. I belive that You can do it ! Stay strong and sober sun will come out again :sunny: Sorry for You lost…


I lost my Dad too. I’m holding you in my heart today and raising my glass of ice tea in a cheers. I’ll stay sober with you today. Sending love. :heart: