27 days clean

Hey legends just curious has anyone else found solice in the gym after they quit been 27 days and find if I don’t go my mind goes crazy but that could just be the addict in me does anyone else have this issue feel like I’m going to burn myself out but my mental health Just won’t tolerate a rest day


One of the best forms of therapy. I encouraged my daughter to work out. Got her, her own personal in home use equipment. She’s been clean for 3 years with drug and alcohol usage. Also had mental health challenges - right meds do help as well.


That’s all I’ve got at the moment my anxiety would not let me walk into a gym so just decked my shed out with everything i need

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Would ordering weights be an option? Tons of fab YouTube videos? My daughter is also a recovering drug and alcohol user. She does well in home as anxiety does the same for her.

They are really expensive they way I got around it my first week clean o spent the money i would have spent on drugs and just smashed myself haha now I just spend my drug money on supps haha hopefully hitting my goals before Christmas just gotta stay consistent

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I get it! Well whatever works for you - healthily! Keep going! Sometimes we do ant crawls and other times we sprint!

Yea I love the gym am going to hit it today. Still remember, that you need the rest days. If you don’t plan a rest day for each muscle group after a few workouts the fibres may get weakened as they do not have time to regenerate. Although there are people who train daily and still have good results. But it also depends on food, sleep and training method. Training with sore muscles can sometimes cause torn muscles which can result in week long pain and mobility problems. I’m no doctor tho and I’m sure training is better than drinking and drugs. And btw congrats on 27 days!! It’s a big deal mate


I have set days for set muscles so I’m not doing everything every day the o my thing I do every day are abs

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Gym is good for your physical health and mental and diets important aswell . in my early sobriety i went to the gym and ended up training young guys free weights .after i stopped drinking i still smoked cigs so a year after i got sober i had to stop cigs and the gym helped me do that that was in 1987 so it works wish you well


Cigs are the next thing to go once I know I’m on top of the drug addiction