28 years sober finally doing a 4th step

You are never going to believe it but this guy after 28 years of sobriety is finally going to do a 4th Step. I am not so much nervous doing this but what I am nervous about is doing the 5th Step. Any pointers. Can I borrow one of yours to share with my sponsor I will just change the names. LOL just kidding


28 years well good luck .did my steps way back when i got sober but as they say its not a race lol

For me finishing 4 and moving in to step 5 needed to happen quickly

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Wow 28 years is a long time, I am celebrating one year and haven’t made it to Step 3 so your share has made me feel somewhat better. The more I hear about it it seems pretty painless but it’s the initial courage to do so, which I understand completely. So good luck with continuing on with your journey.