3.99 days sober!

Sober for almost 4 days from drinking tons of vodka daily for the last 6 months. Before that I was sober for a whole year right after I found out I was getting divorced I decided to straighten up. Now that I’m on my own and single that’s when the drinking started again. Before I was sober for a year I drink daily for 6 years straight and it got really really bad to where an average of 2 pints every evening. Up until about 4 days ago I was quickly getting back to that level of drinking again. I called turkey quit the first time and this time I’m trying again but I am thinking about finding a meeting. What are your thoughts on meetings? I’m actually going to bed for the first time kind of early tonight in long time and after only three days of being sober I already felt better today and more clear-minded.


Congrats! Keep on going buddy