3 months and going strong!

This is the end of day 91 CLEAN AND SERENE!

This is the farthest I’ve made it in regards to coins or keytags…but one thing I’ve learned is it’s not all about the milestones. What it’s all about is the quality of life I’m beginning to regain! It’s about experiencing life again. Its about learning how to become a better person, being humble enough to see my character defects and trying my best each day to remove them from my life. It’s about knowing when I’m in the wrong and promptly admitting it. It’s about personal growth!

Every day I’m getting better! I’m learning how to be a good father, a better partner, a better son. I love my life right now and I hope and pray that I can continue to make the right decision every day and move forward with my life!

Just For Today! EVERYDAY! All the L&R :grinning::green_heart:


Congratulations! :confetti_ball: And a lovely kid you have! :heart_eyes: A big motive to be sober for! :facepunch:

Well done :smiley:

Love it, congratulations! Keep the days adding up, one at a time!

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4 more days i will have 3 months so happy

Congrats on 3 months brother, keep it up.