3 months sober and the light of the future is bright

Tonight marks my 90th day sober and it feels great. Lost weight, more energy, real sleep, clear head, in shape, and best part is no regrets from the night before. My finances are improving, and I now have a future to work towards. Emotionally I am more stable too, things don’t get me as much as they did before. People ask for my advice, and enjoy being around me. Best decision I ever made. Here is to 3 months down and many more to go. I am telling everyone out there it is worth it!


Well done and thank you for sharing. After only 8 days I can’t really fathom getting to 90 days. It seems a world away!
Looking forward to the same positivity you’ve shared :slight_smile:

Congrats on 90 days that is so awesome!! I cannot wait to be there with you !! Very inspiring and mortivating indeed! keep it up!!!

I remember being in my 8th day. Hard to sleep and anxiety. It starts getting better after the 14th day, keep it up!

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14 weeks…? Sheesh, I’m only at 5 weeks… I guess you meant days.

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Awesome job @Atticus880 keep it up! How much weight did you lose? I actaully gained weight but I’ve been eating more and working out hard. I feel very healthy. I hated when I felt like garbage after a long night and couldn’t workout.

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Lol yes, typo. It had been. Thank you

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I hope it was meant to be days too! :grimacing:

Ahahaha thank goodness! :grinning:

About 30 pounds at this point. My diet and excercise increased too so that helped. I gained weight at first, ate whatever I want as long as I didn’t drink. Icecream helped a lot with the cravings. Sobriety was objective #1 over all else


@Atticus880 that sounds like exactly what I did at first. Good to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You sound like you’re promoting a new bed or weight loss pill. I want that life! Very inspiring, thx! :wink:

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Lol, like the new diet pill idea. “Want to lose weight, improve your health, make better choices and save money ALL by not doing one thing? Try ‘Not Drinking’! from the makers of ‘Excercise’ Guaranteed to work!!”


Well done! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reaching that point too. Thank you for reminding me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You should be very proud of yourself:star2:


I’m still feeling sorry for/mad at myself for relapsing because it will just take that much longer to have a success like that. But knowing that other people are doing it means the world to me. Those numbers no longer feel unattainable.


Congratulations!!! I’m up to 17 days today. Hope to meet 90 days during this streak!

Wow awesome!!good for you!! A question…it’s been so long for me since I have quit for longer then a few days…when does it actually start to feel ok…inside 2 weeks? Or more thanks

Do you still crave alcohol

Don’t think of it as failure, but as a chance to learn

After 2 weeks you will feel a difference. At least I did, more energy better sleep and less depression. This is also and tricky time, your mind might say you can handle being around it. This time I stayed in for 2 months straight besides work and dedication gym. Was worth it

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Not really. I am able to be around friends at bars and be ok. I do sometimes crave drinking, but it only lasts a few minutes and does not happen as much. Like running a marathon. The more you train for it, easier it gets, but still is a marathon.