30 day milestone reached. Crystal Meth and Alcohol


Its has been a blessed 30 days. My first 22 were in a faith based rehab where I was saved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After I completely surrendered myself over to the Lord and let him be the leader of my life, staying clean and sober has been much easier. I start my day off by prayer and then reading the Bible, highlighting scripture, and also writing it down. I also do a prayer journal every night since may 12th. I live with a couple who is also true believers. We go to church on the true day of the sabbath. Saturday. We are growing together as people in recovery. My drug and alcohol addiction struggle is not nearly as severe as practicing celibacy and staying away from sexual immorality . I haven’t relapsed sex wise but I do still catch myself undressing woman with my eyes but instantly feel convicted… Matthew 5:28 “but I tell you, if anyone looks at a woman with lustful intent they have already committed adultery with her in his heart.” I always confess and ask for forgiveness at the end of my day … but if looking at woman lustfully is the only thing I’m having a real struggle with at the moment … I’ll take it . God has been so so good to me and everyday our connection gets stronger through the word.


Amazing…well done.it gets better and better :muscle::star::leaves: