30 days and still going strong

Yay I’ve made 30 days sober and feeling very proud of myself! It’s amazing how much better life without booze is, even with the odd grumpy or tired day. A work colleague even said to me yesterday she hadn’t thought I’d get this far so I’m happy! No going back now I’m loving the new sober me!


Well done!!! I’m today on day 30 too. It feels great


I’ll be there tomorrow. Ways to go yall!


What an amazing number! 30!!! Congrats!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Congrats! Huge accomplishment! I’m on 26

Great job!! I’m right behind with 29 today

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Congratulations :smiley: you are doing great

Great job. Be proud :trophy:

Wohoo congrats. Tommorow is my 30th day. Be proud!!!

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