30 days cocaine free

Im 30 days cocaine free and I don’t have any urge nir desire to do it . Is that normal :confused: :interrobang:


I do not know, cocaine is not my doc (drug of choice) But well done for the 30 days clean! :confetti_ball:

For me I can have longer stints without a craving and then suddenly it hits me. So I made myself an escape plan for what to do when I have one.
Being prepared helps a lot :wink:


Excellent news well done :clap: you’ve chosen the perfect path to follow

No urge you say , possibly your mind has made that decision :+1: in not going to sniff that shit again

I quit coke many years ago

My friend luckily made me see sense, quit that shit or your end up on worse or dead buddy .

I changed my phone number kept away from other users , removed myself from possible places as in get suckered back into the scene :+1: ok lost a few friends so what !!!


Cocaine isn’t my addiction but I can say that sometimes our bodies go through phases of not needing our drug. 30 days is impressive work. Keep up the great work.:muscle:t4:


Thanks I’m at one month and one day now


Congratulations!!! :clap: Cocaine can be a tricky one for sure.

When I quit coke at age 20, after 3 years of daily use, I was just done with it. Didn’t want anything to do with it. I was off it for 10 years, but my drinking career was going strong. One night while drunk, I was with someone who was doing it but was hiding it bc he knew my past. I found it and all I did was dip my finger once and was right back to it after that. Quitting drinking has since cured the other addictions. Just remember, our demons are always somewhere and could reappear when you least expect it. Stay strong :muscle:


Congrats :clap:

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