30 Days Free

Today marks 30 days since my last dose. It has been a long, bumpy ride- however, the road seems to be smoothing over.

I’ve always imagined what it would feel like to reach this day. I was filled with so many “I wish I can just stop”, “When will this be over”, “Will I ever be able to enjoy life sober” - going on and on in my head, becoming so anxious about the hole I was digging for myself. Watching my life fall to pieces while chasing this drug that was controlling my life. All the while pretending to the world, that I was normal.

For anyone that needs to hear this- it’s possible! It may be physically and mentally painful. It would be much easier just to give up. However, it’s worth it- and most importantly it will not last forever.

You are not alone. There are hundreds of others fighting that journey with you. &even more have made it through with no regrets! Educate yourself, prepare yourself mentally, and love yourself enough to treat yourself better. I remind myself of this each day, it does get better!


Congratulations and keep those clean days going, 30 days is great!! :+1:

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Thank You!

I shall!
Looking forward and finding my inner strength.

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