31 days sober

Hello everyone,
I am 31 days sober today. I counted everyday and sometimes one day felt like a few days and my counter just wouldn’t change but those were the tough days and wishful thinking I was days ahead because they felt longer than usual . I haven’t been a month sober In avery long time. In August I was 28 days… I didn’t go anywhere for the holidays because I felt it was best for me since all my friends were having parties or at clubs, some understood some did not but that’s okay. It’s been a battle of more than 10 years and honestly it angers me that I have to count days and not be able to have just one all the time, I’ve done it sometimes to just have 1-3 and I’m done while out and about with friends having dinner and what not but not much and it was tough doing so . I have those stories of ending up in the hospital and loosing family/relationship and withdrawals and everything we all have collectively gone through. I love who I am but that’s one thing I wish I could change and had not lived through but “it is what it is”. There’s a list of reasons of why I’d drink, I had them these 31 days and what ever is keeping me up right and making the Choice not to, I am grateful for it and I will try to nurture that. I can’t see the future and as everyday has felt like a long long day since day 1 of being sober and feeling like I’ve been taking random naps here and there that have somehow lasted 31 days- I will keep going . I didn’t go to meetings or anything as I’ve done prior I seriously just looked at the counter on this app everyday many many times in a day and it has kept me accountable like a game somehow. I wrote in my journal everyday and as I read back it makes me sad as I read this story of a person just trying to get by day by day but I see the toughness that a lot of my friends say I have, most of them don’t know what I go through they just see this annoyingly lol energetic spitfire who is always trying to make them feel better and help them strive and I know I have it in me and I could have been so successful by now but drinking changed all that … Anyhow rambling lol I wish the best for all of us 1 day or years sober and anyone in between. The thing that matters is that we keep going.


Hey Lady

I’m 31 days too!! I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without drinking something. It feels pretty good.

Keep on keeping on.

Hi VSue it does ! it’s not easy but wow …Congratulations​:muscle: Let’s keep going :heartbeat:

Beautifully written, thank you @Lady. You give the rest of us hope.