40 Days and a Rough Work Week

40 days! Wow. Longest duration in 10 years and what a trip!
Normally after a bad work week, working with domestic violence survivors as a survivor yourself isn’t always rainbows and sunshine on the psyche, I would be chest deep in pitty beers. Now after a bad week, I plan on doing productive things like cleaning the house, redecorating myself out of my dark goth phase of deep purples and blacks, and just generally looking forward to enjoying life outside of the bottle. I’m thinking of blogging again and painting again, all things I used to enjoy that took a back seat to depression and self loathing for years!
I guess you could say I’m on a pink cloud, but it feels more like I’m transforming into the woman I’m supposed to be. My 29th birthday is around the corner, and I’m stoked to end my 20s sober.
Stay strong, friends. It’s so worth it.


Congratulations! I felt amazing when I made my longest time in a decade as well.

Continue to wow yourself with your changes!

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Congratulations on 40 days! Sorry you had a hard week. I think you’ve got some great ideas on how to channel that negative energy! Throw on some jams and get stuff done! :blush::metal:

"Today I’m gunna fly. There’s nothing that can keep me on the ground. Touch the sky. I’m free inside!"

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Thank you all! Going to my second sober metal show tonight @MissQuinn. Lorna Shore, Fallujah, and Rings of Saturn. I’ve seen 2 of them but again was drunk. So excited. P.s. I love Lacuna. They put on a great show too!

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