40 days: Increased caffeine sensitivity?

Before I got off the sauce it wasn’t unusual for me to knock back 4 big cups of coffee, or 2-3 cups of coffee and 2-3 espresso shots, in one day. Now, I have maybe 1 or 2 a day as I’m not as sleepy and don’t need them to wake up in the morning.

But yesterday, I was having some Relationship Blues™ (girlfriend told me she loves me, the relationship is still young, I’m scared of messing things up, blah blah blah we’ve all heard it before) and waiting for a friend in a café to come talk about them. While waiting, I had two lattes. Over the course of the next half hour or so, my heart just started POUNDING and my hands started shaking and I got all keyed up and didn’t stop until like 8 hours later.

TL;DR: does anyone else get increased caffeine reactions after being sober for a while, or am I just in love and scared? (Or does anyone else get increased girlfriend reactions after being sober? :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’m drinking loads of redbull like 8 a day

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I was like that right after I got clean. Now, I’m back to drinking tons of coffee like I always have lol

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Yes, I used to be able to have several coffees a day and had no trouble sleeping at night since I was drinking myself to sleep. Since sober (19 days now), my sleep cycle has been off. I was going 2 days without sleeping at a time or just sleeping a few hours and getting up at 3:30am(just yesterday). While it is partly from increased anxiety without alcohol, I think it has some to do with the caffeine. Without alcohol knocking you out at night and making you tired in the morning, coffee is hitting you in a completely different state. Had my last cup of coffee at 6 last night and finally slept & woke at a normalish time. Coffee is known to exacerbate any anxiety you have as well though.

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I have had this happen to me too. I’m 26 days sober and had a espresso mocha, I got nauseous and felt very anxious and sick. After it wore off I was ok again.

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I haven’t paid attention to it but now I’m wondering if this may be the reason I have felt so nauseous sometimes the past 1-2 weeks. I’d feel a bit tired, drink coffee, and eventually feel sick so I still don’t get a lot done. Thought it was just partially due to being tired or something, haven’t stopped to think it may be due to the coffee as this never bothered me before.
Gonna try to go without caffeine for a bit, see if it makes a difference.

Yep I gotta have a Pepsi, my body craves it since I got sober.

Day 37 sober. 2 cups of strong coffee at 6pm.

It is now 03:22am.

'Nuff said.


aw man, I hope my body doesn’t start rejecting espresso mochas. Maybe decaf?

Ahhhh, the old “I love you” blues😉 Is this the first time this happened with the coffee?? I ask because if it is, it may have been a form of an anxiety attack. Just a thought pal

I’ve had on and off panic attacks and anxiety since I was like 8, and I’ve had physical reactions to coffee (palpitations and shaky hands, similar to anxiety) since I started drinking coffee at 15. So this didn’t feel like an acute panic attack but it did produce VERY strong physical and nervous symptoms?

It may have been a combination of all of it together.

Sounds like a panick attack exacerbated by caffeine :slight_smile: 2 lattes in one sitting… What the f… :slight_smile: i used to drink coffee throughout the day, to increase energy and get rid of headaches, it was tough being hungover and productive at the same time. Now i have 1, maybe 2 cups per day… :slight_smile: maybe your body telling you its time for a herbal tea :slight_smile: