409 days and I feel great

I realize since I put I’m doing great that may stop some people from reading this. For those of you reading… YES life finally feels good. Over 1 year sober, got a new job making more to support my family, and getting close to welcoming our 2nd child (a little girl) in August. When asked how I’ve stayed sober this long, my answer is all of the above. If I were drinking I probably wouldve ended up divorced and stayed in the same workplace that cause my drinking to continuously escalate. I’m sure some people maybe annoyed by this part but without my higher power I’m not sure I wouldve made it this far. And of course my family and support from those of you here.
Please dont be a stranger and reach out when you need to!


Fantastic turnaround in your life.
Enjoy each and every day… You’ve earned it

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It’s great to see positive posts. It shows that life does get better, but you have to get out there and get it. It doesn’t just come to you because you suddenly stop drinking/using.
Nothing changes if nothing changes!
And don’t apologise for finding your HP. The only people who will be upset by this are those that haven’t found theirs yet!
Nice one Phil!:grinning:

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Congratulations! You did everything sober last year: your birthday, Christmas, Eastern, Valentineday, holidays, the good and the bad days and all sober :confetti_ball:
That’s awesome!
And as a reward for that: a new job and a baby girl on the way! How about that!! :star_struck:


Your a true inspiration. Congratulations on your new gift of a daughter and i can feel your happiness in your post x god bless you a0nd your family x

I am glad you are feeling great. Congrats.

Awesome, thanks for sharing! :two_hearts::bird:

I feel like this is the best part. I hope no one would be annoyed that you found a spiritual solution.


That’s fantastic mate keep it up I cant wait to reach this day :muscle::sunglasses:

I feel there are people on here that get annoyed when people talk about there higher power. I’ve seen posts where people dont understand and get annoyed about hearing about it.

If people get annoyed with someone else’s spiritual discovery, then that is their problem.
What works for you is what works for you and you should be proud to celebrate it.