41 days clean...making things happen

Today I am 41 days clean from meth. Never thought I would come even close to this number. I’ve talked to people along the way that would say stuff like when you start getting clean and sober good things happen. Well I didn’t mysteriously get a new car money never didn’t randomly appear from thin air and solved all my financial problems and no one waved a magic wand and I got every thing I ever wished for. Quit the contrary. I had to make things happen. I’ve been very forturnite in my like strung out and sober that if I wanted something good bad or I’m different the universe found a way for me to have it. All I had to do was focus my energy to it what I wanted. Now that I’m clear minded and coherent I learned to focus my energy on positive things. I was able to get the high end equipment for by bass setup I’ve been wanting for over a year just by putting the money I would have spent on junk aside and saved it. At day 39 I’ve decided to reach for the gold rings I’ve always wanted. I’ve decided to take the steps to go to collage and get my bachelor’s degree in psychology and help people. People like you and me. Even if my g.i. bill from the military is no longer valid I’ll focus my energy and find another way. I made things happen.


Awesome man! Good for you keep it up. It is always nice to hear positive stories

Thank you. It can be done. And I still have a long way to go. But steps like these is what is going to help me and my recovery

Welcome to real life, my friend! I’m so happy for you. I’ve lost many friends and family members through the years to meth. Not all have died, they just stopped living. Keep going!

I understand exactly what you mean. Not to long ago I was just a shell of the man I used to be. I’m still trying to reclaim that man.

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It takes time. And now you have that time to become who you always knew you wanted to be!

I appreciate that. Sometime it feels like time is the one thing I don’t have enough of

Sounds like you are focusing on some good changes. Congrats to you!!

Thank u. The universe has always provided for me as long as I directed my focus to it. Now my focus is on positive success

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I’m so excited for you. I wish you great success in college. It will take lots of work, but your sober warrior can do it!

Thank you. Work full time and school and family will be rough but I can make it happen.

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Yes, you can!