5 days no boooooze

Five days no booze, haven’t even thought about drinking the beers in my house. I’ve tried and failed a million times. Because I deep down still wanted to drink. Im over it!

Never realized rock bottom would feel so good!!!


Well done :wink:

I’ve been on a lot of day fives. :neutral_face: This time I’m determined and hopeful to finally quit once for all. Happy journey to sobriety :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Keep up the great work

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you’re sick of being sick :wink:
I was just explaining to my partner that before August last year ( when I got sober) no amount of support would have helped me. If I’d have gone to rehab, it really would have done f**k all. I knew I had a problem, and wanted to get sober, but not enough. You really do have to want it, and I never used to understand what that meant. Congrats on 5 days, keep up the good work :muscle:

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Still cookin