5 days sober 😊

Just told me I’ve reached 5 days and some hours
Its a long journey
Wish you all be good and strong


Hi Benham,

Congrats on your five days. What’s changed for you over the last couple years? You weren’t very active on here. What do you hope to institute this time to make keep your sobriety the priority?

Glad you’re here.

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Brilliant keep going

Congrats on your 5 days!!!

Amazing congrats! It’s worth it. And so are you!

Congratulations!!! Keep adding up those sober days!

Great job on 5 days!! :tada:

Good job! I’m right behind you I’m at 3. Yesterday and today was little tough but I didn’t budge.
Keep up the good work!!

Wow you get 5 days sober , now what seems to be the problems with you? May help you, sister?