5 months walking sober


So happy i went to my aa group today. There we were, all with the same family name Alcoholic / Addict (as one of the fellow members so nicely put), building our collective sobriety.

And here i am at my “favorite spot”, sofa. Friend in fatigue :slight_smile:


Way to go! I’m proud of you! :blush:


Nice one! And we be getting more of the face!:grin:


Great job!


I feel like you’re hiding one of the world’s cutest faces😍


Thank you :slight_smile: and thanks for the support youve given me here :pray::heart:


Thanks :pray::heart: This is way too much :joy:


Thank you :pray::heart:


Not really, i look like mummies grandma :slight_smile:


Ha you sound like my wife, and she’s beautiful!:grinning:


Arent we all, inside :wink: hug your beautiful wife


5 months, nice! :+1:


Thanks dear :pray::heart: