50 days clean



50 days clean so far and feeling good! Proud of myself but still little fearful of what the future will hold. This being sober thing is all new to me so I feel like I have been learning how to do everyday tasks all over again, just sober this time around! Imma keep fighting this one day at a time!!!


One of the best parts of sobriety in my book.

Keep trudging friend, let’s make it 51 days together


You will get there. When I first got sober it was a big accomplishment when I showered and brushed my teeth.


Isn’t that the truth. I’m trying to trust the process, as sometimes I’m unsure. One foot in front of the other, we learn and grow. Thanks for sharing, this is alive with me too.


You should be proud of yourself! Well done. And as to what the future will hold… Well none of us know drunk or sober! So why worry about it? Concentrate on being you and sober each day and let the future be what it will be. Stay strong!


Well done. Great achievement :open_hands: @KujBaby