51 Days Sober

Well it’s been 51 days and still sober. I’m actually glad i stopped when i did. I have a 2 year old neice and i was afraid when i drank to much and i was holding her i was afraid i drop her due to me being piss drunk. Ir almost happened before and i said to myself “I gotta stop this or i might seriously hurt her” and that’s why i quit drinking. Plus drinking to much was the result of my dog attacking me to the point i almost had to go to the hospital. Glad i quit. Love you guys#
Daniel R.


51 days - that’s brilliant @DanielR1978!
60 will be with you in no time - keep on it!

@DanielR1978 that is so great!! Sounds like you have all you really know what you have to do.

Great reasons/motivation to stop drinking and make your life that much better. Congrats on your time, 2 months is right around the corner! :clap: