56# days today

So this is the longest ive ever went without drinking it scares me to think about never drinking again. Thanksgiving is coming up and ive been thinking bout maybe having one drink, cause whats the point i dont want to quit forever anyway right. At least thats what my mind is telling me. Im 24 and feel like im missing out on having fun i know these are just my mind playing tricks on me i know that but its hard to battle with yourself. It was easy at first, but nothing is really getting better so the demon on my shoulder keeps whispeing, whats the point? I already know it wont makes things better and why i qquit in the first place. But shit these thoughts are getting the best of me latley. But i didnt drink today 56 days sober and going to bed. Thanks for listening to my rant. Goodnight


Yeah, congrats to being sober for so long, really great achievement. I absolutely understand, especially given your age - that’s when +/- I started to develop my addiction to alcohol which lasts to my 42 now. I thought alcohol is a fun enabler, passion one too etc but it’s just a big lie.

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Congratulations on ur 56 days of sobriety! I totally understand and get those thoughts also. The lies that my mind tells me that i can have just one, whats the point, ill start again tmrw, things will be different this time etc. But is important to remember that this is just our addict/alcholic mind trying to convince us to give in. Just because we have thoughts, doesnt mean that we have to act on them :slight_smile:

What ur really missing out on is waking up feeling shameful, guilty, and hungover, being in financial debt, not being able to remember the night before, doing things that u regret, damaged relationships… the list goes on n on. These are the things u will be missing out on because ur sober. Like i said, u know ur reasons for quitting. Stick closely to that list and remind urself of why u quit. Remember how bad it was and how desperate u were to get sober. This too shall pass. The thoughts to lessen over time. Hope ur having a good day :slight_smile: