5th alcohol free day

Im really proud of myself I’ve been watching movies sober and laying out by the pool hypnosis is really helpful too. Im feeling a bit lazy I have a few things I need to do today but feel restless any tips on getting motivated?


Thats really great advice thank you I do feel as though I need a rest

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I’m on day four and all can manage to do is go to work. Super tired. Which shocks me because I used to sleep was less and be hungover all day lol


Same it feels like I did more when I was drinking but im happy to enjoy my movies sober im laying out by the pool now then might do a workout but just feel like watching movies im going to do more hypnosis too I want to push myself to do a workout too I went for a nice walk today

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I love this and I’m sort of doing the same thing. I’ve been saying that I’m hibernating for the winter! I am 72 days sober and, except for work, am taking it real easy. I figure my body deserves to have a break as it’s working hard to heal.


I was really tired in the beginning too. I ate candy and drank lots of caffeine. Be kind to yourself and remember that it’s ok to give your body and mind time to adjust. No shame in that.

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I am the epitome of restless. I always need to be doing something thats the only way my mind stays calm or that I feel satisfied with the day. I read that its only okay to sit for long periods of time if you balance it out with walks or workouts. Its funny cause Ill go workout and then still feel lazy when I sit there binge watching my shows. Its all about balance though , thats what I try to remember.

Also, Make a list of the things you need to get done and start with the most important and dont stress if you arent able to get everything done.Dont forget to do the things that make you happy inbetween though. Too many errands in one day can drive me mad.lol

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Thanks everyone I am on my 6th day now.
I feel good but a bit sad like im missing out on something not necessarily alcohol but maybe friends or my ex partner. Is this normal to feel a bit sad.
Im enjoying my movies sober I highly recommend A girl on a Train.
Im working today but still fitting in a workout and hypnosis.