6 month meeting

I went to a meeting with my sponsor last night to get my 6 month medallion and it felt pretty good. I opened the floor with my share about how this is the first year in 7 years that I won’t be using my parents passing as a gateway for self pity and wallowing in using alcohol or using to try to cope.

After the meeting a lady came up to me, introduced herself and told me she too lost both her folks the same weekend, different year, as I have and hadn’t heard anyone else that has gone through it. She has 7 years sober and is new to the Sunday meeting I go to.

It felt really great talking to her and realizing that we all walk different walks but somehow our stories can give and bring hope to one another. The program is working really well for me and I thank my higher power every day that I now have the tools to help keep me sober and control what I can and accept what I can’t. Some days are more tough than others but each day sober is better than any day under the influence!


This program is an incredible thing man. I remember 4 months ago when you were in a much different place. Today it sounds better. You sound better. And then for this lady to be at that meeting at that time, on that day is just another reminder of our Higher Power working in our lives if we let him/her/it. It’s funny cuz 196 days ago I would have called that lady being at your meeting a coincidence. Bah! Now I know that there is know such thing as coincidence. Not in this program.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in Gods world by mistake” Page 416, 417 BB.

Congrats on 6 months Bro!!


Thanks @Gabe.G! Pretty amazing seeing how far we can come when we allow ourselves to get better. 4 months ago I was mentally and spiritually wrecked and numb. Today I get to thank my higher power, my sponsor, the amazing folks I’ve met here and in the rooms, all for helping me get to a better place. I’m not where I thought I’d end up but in where I’m meant to be for today. Everything happens for a reason :slight_smile: Congrats on 196 days!

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Well done on 6 months doing great and yes as Gabe G says this program if done right can make your life sober alot easier its not for everyone but those who choose it and practice it makes it easier

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