6 months of recovery

Well where do I begin?
Today I am 6 months sober, this is the first time I’m actually posting about a milestone in sobriety. I never posted at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days etc, why? Because I had fallen so many times before, I’d get to 5 days and relapse, then up to 14 days and relapse, I was in a cycle of trying to get there but never really making it. My clean date is 28/07/2018. The significance of this date to me, my last relapse, on this day I’d been drinking early afternoon and when bathing my boys my judgement was way way off, I clipped my boys around the head for squirting shower gel around the bathroom, when I went to clip them again I caught my youngest son in the eye leaving a awful mark. All those horrible parents your read about, in a split second that was me, even though it was an accident it was still me.i couldn’t cope anymore with the drinking, with what I’d done and I attempted suicide. 40 tablets I took but my body wouldn’t give in, I tried to get sectioned but I just got sent home. I had to leave my children for 10 days, in that time I phoned social services and told them what I’d done, I was questioned by the police and social services, I was a mess for a very long time. I quit my job as a head chef on medical grounds.
What did I do to get sober? I went to the doctors and got put on antidepressants, sedatives and thiamine.i was referred to a mental health service and done a CBT, I eventually got into alcohol recovery services and started with a group for emerging futures who helped set up a program to follow which consisted of smart recovery meetings and a group for survival skills, from there I picked up other things to do such as mindfulness and the way forward group. I took up a Webster stratton parenting strategy course and a 12 week cooking class. I hit ST every day. I go to AA meetings and have a homegroup and do service.

What does my life look like now? I’ve recently seperated from my husband, I start a new paid job this month,training starts Tuesday I’m becoming a recovery coach myself, I’m mending relationships where I have wronged people, I have my children which is amazing considering they could have been taken away, my life is simpler and so full right now, I have so much more time to appreciate and enjoy life.
Recovery hasn’t been easy, having emotions is quiet a raw thing to deal with, everyday is a new challenge and learning experience, but everyday you get through it you get stronger. I’ve cried, I’ve been angry, confused, slept too much, didn’t sleep enough, overate, lost motivation and found it again, built new sober friendships and maintained old friendships too, found higher power, used the tools in my toolbox and always asked for help.

In my case as happy as I am with 6 months, this milestone is not far enough behind me to be happy, when I forgive myself for what I did to my son is the time I can celebrate.

Nobody said sobriety would be easy, but everyone who got there will tell you that it’s worth it.


Omg congrats girl!! Super proud of you for your milestone! And first off you MUST forgive yourself for what happened with your son. Forgiving yourself is a huge step in recovery! At least for me it was. From your story it sounds like you have come a long way from who you USED to be. That’s not the real you, the drunk. That’s not the real any of us. We are totally amazing human beings SOBER and that truly is our best selves! So proud of you girl :kissing_heart:


Hell yes, Michelle. With all you’ve done and stuck through the past 6 months, you’re a living example of getting sober AF. Seeing your journey and upright approach in spite of it all has been an inspiration.

Congratulations on 6 months of staying sober, no matter what, and thank you for being awesome! :heart: :hugs: :ice_cream:

So… ice cream? :wink:


Congrats on 6 months. You have come a long way. Your story will inspire others.

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Congrats Michelle, so proud of where you’ve come so far! :heart:


Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Wow. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you feel proud because you should.

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This gave me goosebumps. I appreciate your honesty. Good job!!!

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Congratulations you have been to hell and back and done an amazing thing for yourself and your family. And now for the greater good. Becoming a recovery coach you will no doubt help many others follow a path similar to your own. You should be so proud of the life you are living and what you have given to your children.

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Congratulations!! You should be very proud of yourself.

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Of course :grin:

I should personally give a shout out to the people on this forum who helped me through even in my early relapse days. @MoCatt @MandiH @Yoda-Stevie @Englishd @ifs @CaptAZ @Meggers @Bill_Phillips @SweetTea @Ray_M_C_Laren


Super huge congrats on your 6 months!! Such a wonderful accomplishment. You should be very proud!!


You’ve come a long way lady, threw the whole kitchen sink at your sobriety and it’s paying off.

Even with all the problems your still facing you continue to trudge forward, reaching for the life you always wanted.

Proud of you, thank you for inspiring and for always speaking your mind, the dragon can definitely breathe fire.



Yes!!! You are an absolutely incredible woman. I am so very thankful to have washed up in this forum at about the same time as you. You have fought so hard for your sobriety. I continue to learn so much about strength, resilience, and determination from you, sweet friend. Congratulations - and thank you for sharing your life with us.:heart:

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Glad you shared this milestone @RedDragon! You definitely deserve the credits for it girl! You worked hard for it! You are a great example for others! You earn your name! :facepunch:


Oh girl, my heart is happy to see 6 months in your pocket! It’s always amazing when someone goes from “not ready” to killing it. That’s definately you! Your honesty and transparency are a gift to all. Your journey has been bumpy, but you find more strength and resolve everyday. I’m so glad you found the need and the gift of desperation. For me, that was the only way. It leaves a lot to clean up, but for me, it’s the only way.

I’m always humbled when people say that I’ve helped. None of us realize that others are paying attention to us until we get tagged in a post like this. It is a great way to start my day!

Keep pushing forward love! The sky is the limit!


My gift to myself yesterday, cant beat some cosy slippers :heart_eyes:


My one song that has got me through recovery, always go back to this if I’m ever low and remember I’m more than my addiction

Excellent job on 6 months! Thank you for sharing your story and being so open and honest. You’re a great contributor here and an inspiration! :metal:t2:

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