63 days of waking up sober!

Ahhh, what a GREAT feeling to wake up early every morning, sober, ready to start my non-hangover day!

63 days and I’m doing quite well. Still no cravings. I’ve had a few triggers, but thankfully was able to stay strong and work through them. Keeping my “sober bank” filled with sobriety podcasts and books, weekly pampering (face masks, lavender bubble baths, etc) and daily meditations.

My husband had about a month of sobriety, but relapsed pretty bad yesterday while I was at work. Our youngest son just started school. Before that, he was the parent who stayed home, while I worked. So now he’s got hours to himself and apparently he used it to drink all day, and then went out when I got home, and drank more. I’ve asked him several times to start applying for a part time job, but he’s not a motivated or confident person, just likes to wallow in self pity, and frankly, it’s getting old. If he doesn’t start making some serious changes soon, I will.

I’m looking forward to hitting my 90 days. I’m going to treat myself to a body massage & facial! Hope everyone has a fantastic and sober week! :grin:


Thank you so much for sharing. It takes a lot of courage to share the painful realities of this poisonous addiction. I have 31 days and have immersed myself in meetings and have a sponsor. I needed to let other people in on my secrets. Please keep your child safe!!!

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Sounds like a perfect celebration of 90 days! All the best to you.


I feel real bad for you and your kids. It wasn’t too long ago, he got wasted and the cops came. Sounds like you’re in a really bad situation that doesn’t seem to be getting better. Unfortunately, we can’t make them change. We can only take care of ourselves and our own sobriety. At least you’re not picking up over this. Stay strong. :hugs: