6th DAY and feeling pretty good

Been thinking a lot about my relationship with alcohol. If I am characterised as an alcoholic or an abuser or just a reactive binge drinker. I was supposed to stay in bed today to recover from the flu but I had to work, strangely with a lot going on organising a mortgage for someone (first time), I would usually be in a very stressful state but I was surprisingly calm. And tonight I reward myself with a log fire, a nice cooked meal, episodes of New Girl and the company of my cat. I’d like to believe I’m finding the key in myself to myself. Tonight I’m gonna sleep happy. Hope you all do too!


Dont worry yourself too much on labels. You are just curious for a sober life. I struggled early on with the “alcoholic” label but just kept going and the benefits of sobriety outweigh any drink or binge


6 days congrats :+1:

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Have a lovely evening! Well done on 6 days :ok_hand: let’s keep going together. :pray:t2::two_hearts:


Congratulations on 6 days! I love that you found a way to reward yourself! The sober ways are the best ways.