7 days sober today

I made it!! One week sober today. I am so excited to have gotten through this week. I think it will be easier for me from here on out. Yesterday was such a stressful day having my son 6th Birthday party but I had no urge to drink. This time I really do want to be sober and enjoy the little things in life. Plus feeling so alive this weekend makes life worth wild. No hung overs, no shakes, no laying in bed all day. It’s just me living life to the fullest sober. I also decided that I will be fixing up my bedroom furniture just to keep busy. I am excited about that too and will share with you guys before and after pictures when I start this major project in my life. Thanks to all the people who look out for me and message me on this forum also. With out you guys I don’t think I would of made it through the week!!! Let’s keep moving forward. #Recoverymodeon


That’s right. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. Just for today.


Well done! Proud of you! 3.5 days sober and cannot wait to make a full week!