7 months sober


For me being sober is basically a wonderful feeling…honestly i used to drink in moderation but at times i would slip up and end up drunk. Also being a family man was my main priority. If i drank i drank. If i didnt i didnt. But what got me being sober was having tha cops called because of a loud arguement outside with my brother and roommate. Then dhs was brought in for exxagerated details…in a nutshell i am 7 months sober and i did this formyself first because of my health and now i cant wait for my year mark of being sober…i feel like i should talk more but i am new here and was recommended this app and i love it


Congratulations on 7 months! Keep it going!


Congratulations with your 7 months! :tada:


Congratulations on seven months :tada: welcome to the forum, nice to have you here :blush:


7 months is very impressive! Thank you for sharing.


Congrats on 7 months! You’re so close to a year, whoo hoo!!!