70 days today and really having cravings


I’m sat here having massive cravings and really romanticing the idea of drinking again.

I’m looking ahead to the impending warmer weather, BBQs, weddings etc… and imagining drinking again in moderation

The idea that’s coming into my head is I can moderate my drinking using Antabuse. (As in stop taking it then after a week have a drink, take for another two weeks and follow that pattern and plan exactly when I could drink) stupid I know!

I’m struggling more now then I was in the early days, it’s every night I’m having these thoughts :thought_balloon: I know I’ll feel different in the morning though so I’ll be carrying on taking my tablets


throw those cravings in the fire! Bring hot dogs.


I have a friend who was on antabus. He decided to stop taking it so he could go drink again. He ended up in the hospital for a week.


These feelings come and go, I really struggled around the 84 days, I remember exactly when because it was awful. Keep sticking with the program and it will get better again. Just take it a day at a time


I’m also taking antibuse and having very similar thoughts, I’m on day 88 and the closer I get to the big 90 the more I’m thinking about and romanticising drinking. I keep thinking I could stop it now and drink in moderation, I know I can’t or I wouldn’t need to be thinking about it in the first place!
I’ve seen a lot of people in here say they started to struggle around this time and I felt similar leading up to 60 days as well. For me it’s been relatively easy stopping with antibuse and I think that leads to a bit of false security that we’ve got it under control. I’m trying hard to work on the background reasons I drank (and the reasons I don’t) and working my programme to stay strong. I’m sure this will pass just keep taking the tablets


So here’s my thoughts on the cravings. Although I may be wrong, but if you are just taking antabus and not actually treating your disease of course you are going to get cravings. Are you doing therapy, counseling or meetings? Antabus isn’t a solution, it’s a tool. Just like a tissue is a tool when you have a cold. Sure the tissue helps your runny nose, but it’s not doing a damn thing to stop your cold.

Now if you are treating the disease as well as using antabus then it’s just a craving and it will pass.


Using a combination of methods
-AA meetings
-Support through the drug and alcohol team
-Occupational health through work
-Reading this forum / materials
-Regular exercise and sport

Its my first real go at recovery without failing at the first hurdle


It’ll pass then. Have you started practicing the steps with a sponsor?


Really glad to hear you attacking this from a multitude of directions buddy!! It sounds like you really mean business! With that being said…since you’re noticing your mind craving right now, could you write out a list of all the reasons you want to stay sober…then maybe hit up a meeting?


No- I need a sponsor. That’s my next goal and target :grinning:


looks like you made it through a really hard day, you are strong.