8 days sober and then relapsed

Hello everyone,

Im new to this and am trying to get sober for my future. I want to get better for myself, my health, and to start a family. Ive got a complicated past with addiction and i wouldn’t say im alcohol/drug specific its more whatever i can get my hands on. It holds me back from joining AA or other anonymous groups because im not hooked on anything specific, the experiences ive had haven’t led me to find a recovery group thay fits my needs. Because of this i do feel very isolated and alone. I am proud for achieving 8 days without drink or drugs but i have just relapsed on alcohol because for obvious reasons its the easiest to obtain! I have to spend a lot of time alone as my partner works late nights and i work a 9-5. Wondered if anyone out there had any advice or similar experiences?


Narcotics anonymous meetings could be a good place to start, just look online at the zoom meetings you don’t have to say anything or show your face even if you don’t want to. You can just listen and see if you can relate. It’s about the disease of addiction, not a specific substance or behavior so I think that sounds a lot like what you are looking for. There are meetings 24/7 all over the world. It’s worth just looking at so you can see if it is something you would be interested in.:v:&:heart_hands:



Hey welcome :wave:
I didn’t necessarily go to heaps of meetings, I know you can access them online too and f that’s easier for you.
Something that helped me a lot- I read HEAPS of quitting books, they helped me immensely in my early sobriety, in my many attempts at quitting many vices. Quit like a woman, Alan carrs easy way to quit, sober diaries, this naked mind. There’s tonnes. You can search them in this app too. Sober pod casts.
Honestly, if you want to see some change, do your research. Get prepared for how your going to feel while you ride the early sobriety waves.
The more prepared you are, the more you will be ready when those cravings come knocking.
All the best, keep checking in here and reading, reaching out :heartpulse:



I have had an obsessive compulsive personality all my life and that carried over into alcohol and drugs when I was younger. I never wanted to goto AA because I didn’t feel
Like I was one of “them”.

I got court appointed a
Couple of times and “did my time” and was out.

2.5 years ago, I’m going to say God led me, I was intrigued by a local recovery group and went one time to check it out. I knew inside that I needed help and didn’t know where to go.

I went…… loved it because I saw myself in every one there. All types of addictions at this particular group……

Fast forward 2.5 years and many many relapses and I recently joined a local AA group because it is close. I’m not an expert… I only have 38 days. What I believe is addiction is addiction. Some are more powerful and harder to escape. But once you get past that initial withdraw period they all seem to be mental and the mental can feel like a physical drawing at times early on.

All that to say, Any group is better than No group. I need it. I need the people in the group to hear their stories and to listen to mine. I love this community for that very reason.

I am glad you are here!


Any meeting should accept you,you don’t have to say I’m an alcoholic or addict,when your turn come just state your name and go from there,don’t worry you’ll be accepted, everyone there is there cuz they struggle too.no one is better than you,everyone has problems…I’m a addict who lives in a small town that only has aa meetings,so when I was attending meetings that’s where I would go and found out that 75% of the folks in there also struggled with drugs no just alcohol…just take that first leap the help is there waiting.