83 Days and Told the Nagging Mind to Shut Up

Been sober for nearly three months now. Today was the first time in awhile that I had the thought, “I could probably have a few drinks again, wouldn’t be such a big deal.” Of course that’s not true, but something in my head was trying to convince me otherwise. A thought like, “how much longer do you think you’ll keep this charade up? You should just go back to drinking again. You didn’t have that bad a drinking problem. A lot of people have much worse problems. You still managed to be a decent husband and father and do a good job at your work… why not have a couple beers? Or some wine?” The good news is that I saw through the lies and I’m sitting here with my daughter. After I finish this entry, I will read my book, maybe go take a bath, and then get a good night’s sleep (so much better than getting buzzed on booze, feeling guilty, sleeping like shit, and then waking up with a hangover and tired all day).


Great job. Tell that mind who’s boss!

I’ve been hearing those nagging thoughts a bit, too! I’m recovering from surgery yesterday. Someone is going to drive me to get snacks… I’m rereading “this naked mind”. Good thing about recovering from surgery—you have a lot of time to read!


That’s the way to do it. That voice is going to be around for a while. It’s going to be there when you least expect it as well. Like a mugger, jumping outta the shadows when you least expect it.
The good news is that everytime we say " No " we get stronger against it. It’s power becomes weaker.
Well done @Jsmontessori and @sobeRose!


Well done ! It takes a lot to silence that voice. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I am in my 7 th week sober and with it being the start of the weekend, the voice my saying , “Go on , just have one! “
Thank goodness I ignored it and today I am hangover free. Let’s keep ignoring that temptation and hope it becomes less and less. Enjoy your sober Saturday.