9 months sober today. Grateful

9 months ago today I had my last drink.
It sucked.
It was a Monday. I had no friends. My marriage was barely functional. My son was raising my daughter. I was dodging HR at work.
And none of that mattered.
What mattered was that my “week supply” of alcohol was gone and I had only dimes left.
I went to the liquor store with dimes and got what I could.
That was 9 months ago.
Today, by the grace of a higher power I didn’t know I had, through good sponsorship, the fellowship of my AA family, and doing the work I was told to do I NO LONGER HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THAT.
grateful for the rooms and the people I’ve met in soberity.


Isnt sobriety great Carla doing great girl wish you well

Well done Carla!!

I’m so very happy for you!

That’s amazing work Carla, so happy for you :blush:

Congrats. 9 months is a huge milestone


Congratulations x

Congratulations on 9 months. What a journey you have been on and what a distance you’ve travelled in the last 9 months. That takes strength, courage and determination. You’re an inspiration.