90 days clean and sober

So its been 90 days since I walked into that treatment center. The next month of my life would b complete hell. Withdrawing from heroin and xanax. I didn’t eat or sleep for well over a week. BUT I fought through. While I was in there I started working the steps. Now after 55 days in rehab ive been at the sober living house for 35 days. Things r rough, its hard to find a job but I will never give up. I’m such a different person than I was 91 days ago. So proud of myself. And in closing if a hopeless suicidal junkie like me can do it, anyone can.


Congrats!! Such an accomplishment :slight_smile: keep up the good work

You are absolutely amazing! Congrats and stay strong!!

Thank u so much. Almost at 5 months sober now