90 days sober today!

90 days sober today.

Feeling accomplished and proud.

I have made it past some rather difficult hurdles this summer that in the past I would have definitely drank over and have succeeded in remaining sober.

Even just getting through the summer itself was a big accomplishment for me.

I am determined to prevail.

Thank you everyone for your support and encouraging responses to my posts. They mean so much to me.

Sending hugs and strength to those who need it today! :two_hearts:


Well done Amanda and I :heart: your chips!!


That is truly wonderful, Amanda! You faced those tough moments and made it through sober. That is no small thing!


Oh Amanda, this has cheered me so much this morning. You have really fought through some challenges and put your sobriety first. It’s a beautiful life, isn’t it?! For me, 90 days and then 100 days were a BIG milestone that brought a lot of relief. Keep going, lady, you are doing so great :hearts:


Congratulations Amanda. You have definitely had some challenges this last 3 months, but you’ve battled like a warrior…
Well done.

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Huge congrats Amanda! Proud of you my almost twin!

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Congratulations Amanda! So happy for you. You are such a strong person who fought very hard for this. Yay you!!:tada::confetti_ball::balloon::kissing_heart::cherry_blossom::tulip:

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Congratulations Amanda!! Great job!!

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Sometimes the path is dark and full of mud, others it’s sunny and full of green pastures.

Keep trudging, you’re living your best life.


I know it has been a hard 90 days - and yet you kept on trudging. Well done!!!


Thank you everyone for your support and encouraging responses.
They mean the world to me. :heart:
One day at a time my friends.

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