A bad day not made worse by alcohol

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Oh my @LeilaBird I am so proud of you! You were being tested over and over and made it through with a different perspective.


Amazing!! Tomorrow is my birthday…tonight we go to Applebee’s where my FAVORITE alcoholic drink is–I will not drink it dammit!
Tomorrow is a small small cookout my husband will for sure be drinking dammit I won’t then either
We got this guys!! So proud of you


@LeilaBird Nice!!! And good job for seeing what it was, a boring gathering that people tried to make into a party by drinking. That’s my whole life basically, lol. Seriously, great job for staying strong and telling booze, not today!!!

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You have an amazing ability to write. I envisioned everything you were describing. You really should consider writing a book. Your detail is amazing. @Leilabird

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Happy birthday. Applebees has so many delicious alternative drinks. You can do it.

What a thoroughly rotten day! But my word you proved your sobriety strength! Congratulations for that!!! :tada: :muscle: :tada:

You’re an inspiration :purple_heart:

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Thank you! My inspiration comes straight from this board of fighters!

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@Jbishop I hope your’re having a great birthday.

That was a great story and great lesson. Thank you.

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Thank you @LeilaBird I really have! A little shopping with the hubby and kiddos he had 2 beers at dinner I had nothing but water and am totally ok with it :grimacing:


Awesome job! I get it though even bad days are good when you’re sober. Keep up the good work and enjoy your life to the fullest