A dose or reality

Yesterday was my day one. After work my SO and I stopped at a friend’s house to visit after he had some minor surgery the week before. As soon as we walked in he immediately offered me a glass of wine. I declined and he proceeded to mix himself a drink. We chatted for awhile and he invited us to stay for dinner. The SO and I accepted his offer and ran to the local grocery to pick up a non alcoholic beverage for us. When we got back our friend was on his second mixed drink. We waited for another friend to arrive and another drink was mixed and drank. At this point he switched to the wine that he had offered me earlier.

Well dinner was late being cooked. It was chicken burgers that he grilled but at this point he was so drunk I felt that the raw chicken wasn’t cooked long enough and I ate the salad which he had made in a semi sober state and was pretty good. As we sat around eating and chatting he started nodding off. When he would speak he would mumble and no one could make out what he was saying.

What a wake up call that was for me! I am sitting here thinking back to how many times I had guests for dinner and drank so much while I was preparing the food that I wound up like that? How many times did I convince myself that this is what hosts do when they are having dinner guests? How many times did I serve my guest raw or ill prepared meals?
It is insane and today I am grateful for leaving that insanity in the past.


Its powerful to witness drunkenness in others when we know we’ve been the same. I don’t ever want to go back to that time. Ick!!


@MelissaM. You are so right with all of that. This dose of reality may be just what you need to help you along. Keep that memory with you. So glad you turned that first drink down. @Lettinggo you also are absolutely correct,we’ve all been there. Let’s not go back. Best to you both.

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That’s a laugh. I’ve been in the "chef"role of that story many times.

The thing that really got to me is this is a friend that my SO has known from a previous job that they had years ago. They are both mental health professionals with their specialty being drug and alcohol counseling. My SO leads a pretty sober lifestyle, this guy not so much. How can you counsel people on sobriety when you can’t control your own? This wasn’t the first time he has gotten like this, I was probably just as drunk and never noticed.


Hey Melissa,I posted a few days ago “This disease doesn’t discriminate”. Check it if you want to. This is my outlook on this.