A few beers for a few years!

So I have been trying to be really active here as this is platform has really helped me. I never really considered myself to be a person that wouldn’t drink but as I’m getting older my habit has had to change for a while now I have some really good streaks but I would eventually fail. As I’m sitting now I’m on yet another day 2 it this time it’s different I have almost become a hypercondriac!!! I never really drank more then nine but never less then three a day for a while but now I’m sitting and thinking every little weird feeling I’m getting is something serious or just my head messing with me. Has anyone else every experienced that?

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Hey there, I think I get what you’re saying, but regardless, contemplating sobriety or committing to sobriety can absolutely wreak havoc on our minds. I hope you choose sobriety. It’s a wonderful way to live.


Yes, I’ve worried myself into panic attacks before.

If you’re concerned that your drinking has caused damage, I’d definitely recommend making an appointment with your doctor to discuss. Worrying about it will create false symptoms and that can spawn crippling anxiety, and the downward spiral continues.

Chances are, if you quit drinking, you will be A-OK, but double check with your doctor!!!


Thank you so much I actually did speak with my two doctors but my blood test came back with weird numbers but I ate a banana right before I gave blood not knowing I was supposed to fast I was neglected that detail but pretty much what they both said the mind and body shouldn’t be sharing the same space. I think I’m holding on to a lot of nerves in the past stretches of non drinking it was pretty easy but this time I seem more anxious but of course I spend a lot of time alone at work so that dosnt help


Hello @Kcarsey614 ! I’m on another day 2 as well and get where you’re coming from. My anxiety is through the roof right now and it makes me feel like 100 things are wrong with me. I’m staying as active as possible on here to pull through. We got this!

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If drinking a cancer inducing substance on a daily basis this will raise health problems.

It’s not really like a lottery where you are drinking and there’s a chance that you might get a health problem, instead each individual drink is part of an unhealthy lifestyle.


Yeah when you get sober it’s pretty jarring and can make you feel very “alive” in sort of a very anxious way.

It may be the case that being fully sober has made you more aware of your body. You may feel heart palpitations and sweating and nausea as a result of withdrawl.

These can be real or imagined, but drinking isn’t going to help improve the situation. That’s like banging your head against a wall when you have a headache.