A good days work

I’m creeping up on my goal of at least 100 days, although given the benefits of sobriety, I’m going to keep the ball rolling. As I’ve said before, I’m a golf pro. However, my job is not limited to teaching and running events. It’s a small family owned business so sometimes we have to venture outside our title. I can work grounds or bartend. And after tonight, I can cook everything on a menu. And today was my second day in the kitchen. Normally after a very hard day of work I’d come home and sip on Bourbon. My reward. Slowly drowning the satisfaction of my effort.
Now as I lay on my couch, aches and pains are my reward. But there is comfort knowing that I can wake up tomorrow rested and able to put forth the same effort tomorrow.
And like my place of employment, I find sobriety can be easily successful, if you’re willing to just put your head down and do the work.


Good for you! I’ve found that really committing to my job and putting in my best effort has kept my mind busy and feeling accomplished. Work is what you make of it. If you sulk and mope around about the fact you can’t enjoy yourself or your life is crap- it will be! Awesome work- it really is all about mindset!

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Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed my job more than ever since I quit drinking. Even though I’m surrounded by alcohol everyday, I’m not tempted to join in. I’m more organized. I enjoy it more. And I remember that all the things I enjoy doing are only possible because I work. And all the things I want to do are now possible because I have the money that used to supplement my blackouts


Money is a huge motivator! But also the amount of work you can put in as well! I am not as sluggish as I used to be that’s for sure. And I’m no longer racing out the door and half assing the job to start my usual weekend :slight_smile: